Star Wars; Darkness and Light - Plot Info and Rules

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Star Wars; Darkness and Light - Plot Info and Rules

Post by Draven on Thu Jan 12, 2017 4:47 pm

Star Wars; Darkness and Light

Set after the events in the Force Awakens. Supreme Leader Snoke has sent a powerful Force sensitive user named Drayga to use her skills in order to protect Kylo Ren. Though he is powerful in his own right, Snoke feels that Ren is still vulnerable to the influence of the Light Side. There is a past between Drayga and Ren that seems to have made them bitter enemies, but how much of that is hatred and how much of that is the passion that the Dark Side has always claimed to embrace? Only time will tell.

If you wish to join, please shoot either myself, Drayga, or Kozan Saad a PM. You may take the role of an already existing character, or create an original one. The choice is yours, however I will need someone to play the role of Kylo Ren. Please keep in mind this is both and Action RPG and a Romance one.

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Re: Star Wars; Darkness and Light - Plot Info and Rules

Post by Kinta Sarrai on Fri Jan 20, 2017 9:10 pm

Rules of the Star Wars RPG

The rules here will be fairly straight forward and simple. Please be sure to read them before creating a character or posting.

1. Character Creation - Please be sure to keep everything about your character believable according to the Star Wars Lore. We do not want "gods" popping up where they do not belong. Kozan is a Pureblood Sith with an explination about his past and how he came to be in the more current Force Awakens timeline. Drayga has a connection with the Nightsisters and the Pureblood Sith in her past via ancestors. Both characters are believable and fit into the story. All new characters will be approved by either myself or Kozan. If there is something that we feel does not fit or should be changed, we will give you some advice or suggestions on what we think would fit. You may either choose to use them or find something else more suitable.

2. Surroundings - As Kozan stated in his post, know your surroundings. Though you do not have to post exactly which path your character has take to get somewhere, if you are explaining their time aboard a ship, it would be best to include as much information as possible so that other players do not get confused and miss or explain anything wrong in their replies. Be aware of where the other players characters are in relation to yours.

3. Read carefully - This is rather important. Please be sure to read through each post carefully. Some of us can write rather lengthy posts. Take your time and read through everything carefully. There may be important details that you could miss if you skim over it.

4. Jedi and Sith - We do not want an entire cast of all Sith or all Jedi running amok all over the galaxy. We need other characters such as Bounty Hunters, Smugglers and other various classes and races. There will be very few Pureblood Sith that are being accepted so this will be more of a first come, first served basis. The same goes for the Dark Side. There will be only a handful of Dark Side Force users accepted since we do not want too many oblitherating the masses with chaos and destruction.

5. Have fun - I started this for fun. I was inspired by watching The Force Awakens and had an idea that has been growing via discussion with Kozan. If you would like to add something, you can PM either one of us directly and we will discuss it among ourselves to see what we can run with, or use. Do not worry, you will get credit for your ideas. (:

Anything else to add, Kozan? (:

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