Primal Animals

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Primal Animals

Post by Gangrel on Wed Jan 04, 2017 7:41 pm

Part One

Blood always looked black in the moonlight. It clung to the woman's skin in dark patches, but not all of it was hers. She had put up one hell of a fight. She wasn't dead, despite her injuries. Her chest continued to rise and fall with each shallow breath she took. The gaping wound at her back was already beginning to heal, growing smaller with each second that ticked by. The Change was almost complete, and once finished, she would be given a new name and a chance at a new life. Such were the ways of the Wolf.

He watched from the shadows; a protective guardian, though he himself was gravely injured. The first Transformation from human to Wolf was always the most painful, the most tramatic. It was the first time that bones snapped and reformed to accomidate the longer limbs and changes in the anatomical structure. Even now; in her partial transition, she was beautiful. He could feel the growing power of her Beast burning against his own in a golden flash. She had always been meant for this life, to be a Shifter. He had felt it the moment he had first laid eyes on her and yet they had prevented from from fully enjoying the moment with her. Someday the truth would come out and when it did, he prayed he was on her side when the fires of her rage burned all who were responsible.

White Mountains, New Hampshire

She sat bolt upright in bed, a layer of cold sweat clinging to her skin, causing it to shimmer like gold beneath the sunlight streaming through the open window. Something gritty scraped against her bare legs. Tossing the sheet aside, her golden eyes shifted down. A scream froze in her throat. Crawling up from the bottom edge of the bed was Reiko's severely burnt form.

"Gangrel." His raspy voice taunted her as he crawled higher, blackened, bony fingers gripped her thighs and she finally screamed, trying to break free from her dead King's grasp.

"You belong to me." Those creepy fingers dug further into her skin, piercing through the layers of flesh to strike bone.

Gangrel jerked awake, knocking the empty glass to the floor. It shattered, and with it her nightmare of Reiko fragmented. She had fallen asleep at the island counter of her kitchen. Again. An empty bottle of Absinthe sat beside her. Feeling horrible, and dirty, she stood slowly and stretched. She moved carefully away from the broken glass and deposited the empty bottle into the recycling. She picked up the dust pan and swept up the shards of glass from the hard wood pine floor, bringing them over to dump into the trash.

It had been a year to the day today that Reiko had been killed. He had tried to protect the Pack the night of the fire. She had screamed at him to run, but the loud crack of burning wood had drowned out her words. No one had found his body and everyone had assumed that it had been burnt to ashes. Logic told her that he had not survived. On instinct, she had taken over the remaining members of the Pack. She had to be strong for them, she had to do what was in their best interest.

This close to the full moon, she could feel her Beast prowling close to the surface, swirling in a golden flash of power. She was a very powerful Alpha, able to Shift any part of her body at will. She could call on her Beast and force fatally injured Wolves to Shift in order to heal their wounds. Though the surviving Pack members grieved, they could not be without a King. None of the other females were strong enough to have taken over as she did. They were powerful, yes, but none of them had the abilities she did, none of them had the strength of will to lead them.

Sighing softly, Gangrel replaced the dust pan and made her way to the cabin's spacious bathroom. The cabin itself was set in the heart of a densely wooded ten acres. Various other cabins similiar to hers were spread through that lot of land and housed the remaining members of the Pack. It was a safe place for them to run free and to be themselves. After the devistation that had claimed their King and nearly all of them, she had moved them from the south to the north in hopes of starting fresh. So far, everyone seemed to be adjusting to the transition.

She stripped off her clothes and turned the water of the shower on as hot as she could stand it. Stepping beneath the needling spray, she braced her hands against the cool tile, and hung her head, letting the steaming water beat down on the back of her neck. Everytime she closed her eyes at night, she had flashes of the fire. It haunted nearly every waking hour until she felt as if her own skin burned with those invisible flames. Tilting her head back, she let the water run over her face. There was an intense rolling heat that suddenly enveloped her. She had been so preoccupied with her thoughts that she hadn't realized that someone had snuck up on her. They had been so silent that not even the shower curtain had made a whisper of a noise. The second she became aware she wasn't alone, reality snapped into focus and Gangrel whipped around, a low feral growl rising up from deep within her chest. Before she could move to attack, she found herself pinned against the water slick tile, both of her arms held at the wrists and up above her head. The man in the shower, standing in front of her, she did not recognize even though there was something strangely familiar about him. Her eyes were immediately drawn to the powerful, naked torso that was nearly eye level. Taunt sun kissed skin greeted her vision. He was lean, powerfully built and nearly covered in tattoos. She didn't dare let her gaze travel lower, lest she find the rest of him just as naked.

"What the actual fuck!?" She finally managed to snarl. He leaned closer, letting go of her right wrist. His rough fingertips grazed lightly over her right knee and trailed upwards slowly. He took his time, moving his palm an inch at a time over her smooth skin until he came in contact with the scar marring the flesh of the inside of her thigh. It was a mark she had never remembered recieving, chalking it up to something she had gotten as a child.

"You are mine. The scar you carry is my mark, my bite mark. Remember that." Came his growling, husky voice a mere inch from her ear. She could hear a faint accent, but couldn't place it. His eyes met hers for a split second and they were the same golden amber that all Wolves possessed. There was something about him that called to her. Had she met him before?

Dark hair was slicked back away from his face by the water, making it hard to gauge how long it actually was. Dark brows were perfect arches over sensual, seductive eyes that bored right into her soul. His strong jaw was shadowed faintly by dark stubble. His full lips twitched into a smug half smirk, revealing teeth that were faintly misaligned, adding to his handsome charm. He could have easily passed for the actor Tom Hardy if it wasn't for the inhuman shade of his eyes. Just as quickly and as silently as he had entered the bathroom, he was gone, leaving her completely shaken and confused.

Authors Note Lyrics: Adrenalize by In This Moment
I am using Maria Brink from the above band as Gangrel's voice.
Also the song Animals by Maroon 5 was a huge inspiration for this story.

Part Two

The music started out soft, barely audible even through the hushed silence of the club. As the beat began to pick up, she took a deep breath and began to sing.

Adrenalize me
Come a little bit closer, before we begin
Lemme tell you how I want it
And exactly what I need
I'm here for one drug
I'm only here for one thing
So come on and tell me
Can you fly like you're free
Yeah, I need to say

The lights on the stage remained muted, shrouding the mysterious siren in shadow. Her destinctive, powerful vocals echoed. She took another deep breath, continuing with the lyrics as the lights illuminated everyone else on the stage but her.

I must confess
I'm addicted to this
Shove your kiss straight through my chest
I can't deny, I'd die without this
Make me feel like a God
Music, love, and sex
(Adrenalize me)
I crave excess
Turning wine into sweat dripping down my neck
I can't deny, I'd die without this
Make me feel like a God
Adrenaline and sex

The lights finally flared to life. Each member of the band was female, dressed head to toe in black, but it was the woman at the front that commanded attention. Her presence alone seemed to envelope the entire club, riveting everyone in place, making them hang on every word.

Get a little bit higher
So we can fall 'til we bleed
Push a little bit harder
Pull me into the speed
So tell me, can you feel this?
Come into my dream
Are you ready to awaken?
Are you ready to feed?

"Another drink?" Came the soft purr of the woman that sat beside him, leaning heavily against his arm. She smelled of admiration and desperation, a scent that both disgusted and bored him. Night after night the parasites entered the club, their eyes glazed over and their sense of purpose lacking. Inevitably, they would flock to him, begging for his attention. He was the King, the Alpha male of the Samhain Pack, a powerful group of Werewolves whose numbers nearly rivaled a small town.

Before he could respond to this no name woman, the voice of a dark goddess reached his ears, grabbing his attention with the sensuality of the lyrics and seductive tone of her vocals. The first glimpse of her seemed to freeze time and he found it impossible to look away. By the Moon, it was her! She moved with the predatorial grace of a Wolf. Long jet black hair was pulled back into a single pony tail that revealed an undercut beneath that was buzzed close to her head along the back and an inch or so above both ears. Her curvacious form was embraced tightly in black leather pants. They were tucked into knee high black leather boots sporting a lethal looking three inch metal heel. A thinly strapped black tank top showed off her slightly toned arms, the left graced with a full sleeve of intricate tattoos.

Conall signaled faintly with his right hand. The woman was ushered out of the VIP area with barely an explaination.

"Dorian." His Irish brogue rasped gruffly from his dark corner.

"Yes, my King?" The Enforcer leaned forward as he stepped towards him. Though he towered over the other man by a good six inches, Dorian knew that he was King for a reason, commanding a strong presence and astounding power.

"The front woman for the band on stage. She is Wolf Kin and yet unfamiliar to me. Why?" It wasn't exactly true, but he wasn't about to tell his Enforcer that. It was private between him and the woman.

Dorian turned his golden gaze towards the stage, his long dark hair flowing freely past his shoulders as he moved.

"I believe that she is the new Wolf that petitioned for Sanctuary for her and a small number of her Pack that had survived a large fire. It had claimed the life of their former King. You granted her Sanctuary because you were unable to attend the meeting we had set up with her and her people."

"Did you gather intel on her background?"

"I did not bring the file with me, but I can certainly relay verbally what I remember."

Conall sat back and nodded once in affirmation, his gaze never once losing focus on her. He didn't need the intel, but for appearances, he let his Enforcer continue.

"She is known only by Gangrel. No known first or last name. She escaped from Loiusiana with a small group of her Pack. Ten in total. Fifty of them were killed in the Great Blaze a year ago."

"What was the name of the Pack?"

"Fenrir, I believe."

The King growled lowly. The Fenrir had a reputation for being archaic.

"I would like to meet with her once her performance is finished."

Gangrel stepped down off the stage, a half empty bottle of water in hand. Her golden gaze immediately fell onto the large six foot five hunk waiting for her at the bottom of the steps.

"Can I help you?" She asked politely, taking in the tight black jeans and black t-shirt. His arms were practically bigger than her head. Cocking her head slightly, she watched his lips twitch into a devilish smirk. He reminded her of the actor Jason Momoa. Hell, he probably could have passed for his twin.

"Conall wishes to meet with you."

Her face paled, turning deathly white and she nearly dropped her water.

"Why would the King request my presence when he already granted Sanctuary?"

"Relax, Gangrel. He wishes no harm. He only wants to speak with you since he was unable to make the initial meeting."


He watched her shoulders visibly relax. This woman had gone through something more tragic than the Great Blaze to make her this quick to suspect she did something wrong.

"This way." He gestured with a large hand for her to proceed ahead of him.

She nearly staggered when they entered the private VIP rooms located above the bar. Conall's presence was that damn strong. At first, she didn't see him sitting among the shadows.

"You may leave, Dorian."

Wait, that voice sounded oddly familiar. She didn't take her eyes away from the pocket of darkness that his voice had come from, but she heard the faintly click of the door closing, letting her know that Dorian had left them alone. Finally, he stood with regal predatory grae, moving forward into the light.

Her breath caught in her throat.

"You." She managed to whisper. It was the same man from the shower.


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