City of Sanguine

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City of Sanguine

Post by Draven on Wed Apr 01, 2015 1:02 pm

It is the name of the territory in which the Vampire nation calls home. It is considered a safe haven for the different preternatural races. The city's boundaries span a tri-state area, making it larger than the state of Texas. Various business venues are fronts for the Vampires who run things behind the scenes. Draven is the First, the Pure Source of Vampirism. She has never been Human and she values their mortality. She considers all of the preternatural races in Sanguine protectors of the Human race.

Draven is the Montriarch of the Vampire race. Everytime she creates a new Vampire, it forms a new Bloodline. Due to this, she will only create those who are dying and wish to live.

Vampire Bloodlines

Acontinum Bloodline
Vitae: Lavra (Character Open)
Due to the acidic properties of their blood, it can be used as a weapon. A small cut or puncture can allow the Acontinum to use their own blood (they CAN NOT use anyone else's), for Blood Magick. Because of it's acidic content, they have a unique appearance. Their skin; though pale, contains a subtle greyish tint with dark, nearly black veins beneath it's surface. Transformation is possible but it must be a wound-to-wound transfer since their blood will kill anyone who ingests it.
Strengths: Blood Magick, Arcane knowledge, supernatural speed, supernatural strength, supernatural stamina. Immunity to poisons and toxins.
Weaknesses: Decapitation, fire, and dismemberment (All three must be used to kill an Acontinum). Sunlight is fatal for these Vampires (prolonged exposure). They must be careful when using Blood Magick. Prolonged use will weaken them severely. They must replenish the blood they use or risk becoming too weak to move. The Elder the Acontinum, the longer they are able to use their Magick.

Aluka Bloodline

Vitae: Dasani (Character Taken)
Called the “Bloodline of many faces”. Though they are Shape-shifters, they are vastly different than their Lycanthropic cousins. They are able to Shift at will and their forms are not limited to one animal (Dracula was a good example of an Aluka). The Eldest have the ability to turn into mist or fog. Dasani is the only one with the ability to take on the faces of other people (but not other Vampires). Wolves, bats, owls, and rats tend to be the more common forms, but there are other Aluka who seek to Shift into an animal of their choosing.
Strengths: Shape-shifting, supernatural speed, supernatural strength, supernatural stamina, supernatural agility, immunity to silver. While in another form, the Aluka can travel during daylight.
Weaknesses: Decapitation, sire, complete removal and destruction of the heart. Sunlight can be fatal if they are in their normal form(prolonged exposure). Younger Aluka can not travel during the day.

Corpus Bloodline

Vitae: Konrad (Character Taken)
Corpus are the most feared Bloodline in Sanguine. They are called various nicknames, a few being “sculptors”, “flesh welders”, “flesh crafters”, “menders”, “flesh melter”, and “surgeons” merely to name a few. They can manipulate flesh like clay and whittle bone like wood. They have an army of macabre creatures and some are heavily into body modification (think Hellraiser cenobites). The state of mind of these Vampires is not the most stable and they often transform those who have a dark or tortured past.
Strengths: Flesh manipulation, supernatural speed, supernatural strength, supernatural agility, vast knowledge of anatomy, honed surgical skills. Young Corpus are only able to do simple body mods.
Weaknesses: Fire. Decapitation and dismemberment is a little tricky for these skillful surgeons. Complete removal and destruction of the heart will also kill them. Mental instability (though they are not so far gone as to not make sense).

Dimensia Bloodline
Vitae: Jezza (Character Open)
The Dimensia have the unique ability to teleport. They must, however, be able to see where they are going. The Elder have the ability to teleport to different locations around the world, but it must be a place they can visualize. The Elder Dimensia also develop a strong sense of direction, time, and knowledge of the sun's position.
Strengths"Supernatural Speed, and Strength. Due to their ability to teleport, the Dimensia have a very good sense of direction and as they get older will develop a good sense of time as well as the sun's location.
Weaknesses: They can be killed by decapitation, fire and dismemberment. Sunlight will render them to crispy critters. The Dimensia; if they are able to teleport to different locations around the world, they must keep in mind the time differences so that they don’t telepot to a sunny location and fry. Some of the Elders have developed a strong sense of the time and where the sun will be at a given location. A Dimensia can only teleport so many times before they need to restore their energy by feeding. The Elder the Vampire the more times they will be able to teleport.

Leucetius Bloodline
Vitae: Mircea(Character Open)
The Leucetius have the unique ability to use their own aura to cause damage to an opponent (sort of like Force Push from Star Wars). The Elder of this Bloodline are able to use their aura to create a shield that can block incoming Magickal attacks. The younger or newly made can only cause damage to objects or animals.
Strengths:Aura manipulation, supernatural speed, supernatural strength, supernatural stamina. The Leucetius have very strong control over their emotions.
Weaknesses: Decapitation, fire or dismemberment. Their abilities CAN NOT block physical attacks.

Mortuus Bloodline

Vitae: Markus (Character Open)

Another feared Bloodline due to their knowledge of Necromancy and other black arts (some so secret that not even Draven knows what they are). The Mortuus tend to lock themselves away, constantly studying various tomes of Magick. The younger Mortuus are only able to raise skeletons while the Elder are able to raise Zombies that are almost as fast as Lycanthropes.
Strengths: Necromancy, Arcane knowledge, black arts, supernatural speed, supernatural strength, supernatural stamina. The Mortuus have a strong sense where the dead rest, even if the grave is unmarked.
Weaknesses: They can be killed by decapitation, fire and dismemberment. Sunlight will render them to crispy critters. The Mortuus CAN NOT control other Vampires. The bodies they re-animate must be fully dead. Lesser Vampires may only re-animate one body at a time and will often use a skeleton. The Elder Mortuus can re-animate a body so that it is virtually life like. It will appear as if it will take a breath at any moment.

Requiem Bloodline

Vitae: Nix (Character Open)

Considered the most beautiful, the Requiem are masters of flattery, flirting, sex, and seduction. They are highly intuitive, almost empathic and tend to read people very well. It is suspected that the Elder have the ability to read thoughts. They are very skilled lovers who will maintain long relationships but refrain from settling down into marriage. They can and will sometimes be attracted to both opposite and same sex partners. Only two of the Requiem are married and that is to each other (Ash and Talos).
Strengths: Supernatural Speed and Strength. The Requiem have a strong intuition when it comes to a person’s desires. They can not read minds. It is more like an empathic ability. They just sense it. Many of the Requiem have a vast knowledge of carnal pleasures, making them very skilled lovers.
Weaknesses: They can be killed by decapitation, fire and dismemberment. Sunlight will render them to crispy critters. With their vast knowledge of carnal things, many of the Requiem tend to have multiple lovers. It would seem that they can not stay with just one relationship, though Ash and Talos are exceptions to the rule.

Spectral Bloodline

Vitae: Karise (Character Open)

The Spectral are very skilled Healers. They are able to Heal Humans, Vampires, Shifters, and virtually any other preternatural in Sanguine. They will concoct potions, teas, and salves for minor injuries. Larger, fatal injuries require a combination of Candle Magick, Astral projection, and Aromatherapy. There are strong roots with the Druids mingled with the Spectral Bloodline history.
Strengths: Healing, Candle Magick, Astral projection, Aromatherapy, Anatomy, supernatural speed, supernatural strength, supernatural stamina. The Elder are the only ones who can Astral project. The Spectral have a vast amount of stamina, more than any of the other Bloodlines.
Weaknesses: They can be killed be decapitation, fire or dismemberment. Sunlight will render them to crispy critters. The Elder are only able to astral project to heal. Lesser Vampires can only heal small wounds, but any time they use their abilities, they must feed afterwards or they will slip into a deep sleep that could last centuries.

Teniszben Bloodline

Vitae: Radraven (Character Taken)

This is a fairly young Bloodline, recognized a century ago by Draven and the rest of the Council. Though they share the knowledge of flattery, flirting, seduction and sex with the Requiem, the Teniszben can influence the emotions of others to form a powerful almost obsessive infuation. It is a double edged sword affecting both the Vampire and their chosen partner. If they become separated from their bound lover, it will become physically painful for both parties. Very few of this Bloodline have the strength to be alone for a long perion of time.
Strengths: Flattery, flirting, seduction, sex, love, supernatural speed, supernatural strength, supernatural stamina, supernatural agility. They are known to be very kind and gentle.
Weaknesses: Decapitation, fire, or dismemberment. Sunlight can be fatal. Due to their strong emotions, they can suffer from depression, anxiety, and suicidal tendencies.

Ucigas Bloodline

Vitae: Oen (Character Taken)

The Ucigas are one of the fairly new Bloodlines in Sanguine. These Vampires have the ability to produce fire, making them very powerful pyromancers. Due to such, they are rapidly becoming more feared than some of the other Bloodlines.
Strengths: Fire manipulation, supernatural speed, supernatural strength, supernatural stamina, supernatural agility. Due to their abilities with fire, Draven has created a law specific for this Bloodline preventing them from using their gifts on other Vampires unless in self defense.
Weaknesses: Decapitation or dismemberment. Fire can not harm them. Sunlight will weaken them, but they can not be burned by it.

Vega Bloodline

Vitae: Vangelo (Character Taken)

The Vega are dreamweavers and master of illusion. They can slip into a person's dreams and twist them to their will. Outside of the dream world the Vega can cause hallucinations that are very realistic. The Elder of this Bloodline can seduce a person in their dreams and feed off of them. The younger Vampires must feed the old fashioned way.
Strengths: Dreamweaving, illusions, supernatural speed, supernatural strength, arcane knowledge.
Weaknesses: Decapitation, fire, or dismemberment. Sunlight is fatal to the Vega. They can not enter another Vampire's dreams.

If you would like to fill the role of an open character, please shoot me a PM and I will answer any questions that you may have pertaining to their personality. I will ask for a sample post that is in character to be sure that you have the personality traits we are looking for. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Avatar Note: I'm giving the chance for free reign and creativity. Those of you who are interested in these characters and submit a character sheet and sample post, must add in a sample image for your avatar. Once everything is approved, you may begin posting immediately. Or, you may feel free to use the images provided above.

Editing Notes: I am updating this when I can, so please bare with me in the unorganized bits. (:[/color]

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