Order of the Blood Cross

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Order of the Blood Cross

Post by Draven on Thu Feb 09, 2017 10:48 pm

Order of the Blood Cross

The Order of the Blood Cross was founded and started by a fanatical, religious sect from the Vatican Catholic Church. They are a splinter group of devout zealots, highly trained in combat to hunt down and eliminate any creature they consider "unholy". However, they mostly center around the assassinations of Vamires and Demons. There are two branches of the Order of the Blood Cross.

The Angelic

These are Angels who have taken a vow to eliminate the Demons that infest the world. Their base of operations resides in a large Gothic church on the outskirts of Sanguine. Their leader is Michael, one of God's very own Archangels. They lead the Order of the Blood Cross.

The Hunters

They are Humans who have teamed up with The Angelic to form the Order of the Blood Cross. They have vowed to eliminate the Vampires of Sanguine in hopes of ridding the world of the Monsters.


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